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What is Shengguang's Mold Building Capability?

With Pro/E and other software, the tooling machines, CNC coupled withthe experienced tooling makers,Shengguang can fabricate intricate tooling according to clientˇŻs special needs.

Shengguang has a thirty man mold shop with the following capabilities:

ˇńComplete in-house plastic injection mold design.
ˇńComplete in-house mold construction: both in P-20 prototype and fully
ˇńhardened production molds.
ˇńCNC Grinding
ˇńConventional and CNC machining centers
ˇńCNC Wire and CNC sinker EDM machines
ˇńMoore Jig Grinder
ˇńHarig Surface Grinders
ˇńCNC programming Applicon Computer Aided Manufacturing System with graphical design interface supported by IGES.
ˇńComplete facility to manufacture mold components, fixtures and gages
ˇńMold maintenance and mold certification programs, including statistical validation

Are All Shengguang Molds Built In-house?


No, about two thirds are. Depending on both the work load and the type of mold to be built, Shengguang engineering will choose to either build a mold in-house or sub-contract the construction. In all cases Shengguang controls the design of the mold, and takes full responsibility for its performance. Fortunately, the Meadville area contains one of the most concentrated collections of mold building shops in the world, offering not only sourcing opportunities but a ready pool of highly skilled labor.


What is the Warranty of Shengguang Molds?


In high volume molding applications Shengguang can guarantee molds for the life of the molding program, up to 10 years.