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Engineering Strategy

Shengguang's first step with a new program is to assign an engineer with strong mold making and design experience to be the customer's right hand developing new designs and new tooling. This engineer supervises the program through final production approvals. Shengguang's Engineering group is not only sizable, they are deeply experienced. This experience is the result of building the most challenging plastic products demanded by the Automotive, Electronics, office copycat, telecommunication facilities, Computer, and Medical Device industries.

The earlier you include Shengguang's engineering in the development of your plastic product, the more sure you are of the product's eventual success in the market. Errors which pass through the design phase are ten times as costly as those in the manufacturing phase. Our ability to work in Autocad, Pro E. through electronic file transfers can reduce product design time significantly.

Our project engineers manage your project from tool design through product validation. Innovation is a significant by-product of Shengguang's expert development. Any innovations developed by Shengguang engineering during work on your product belong exclusively to YOU, the customer.


Engineering Services


We have 5 experienced tooling engineers, specially trained for designing intricate and complex tooling, also we have 5 development engineers and three processing engineers. They are able to provide professional advice to our customers regarding product design, thus helping customers to achieve a higher standard of product quality.

With Pro/E and other software, the tooling machines, CNC coupled with the experienced tooling makers, we can fabricate intricate tooling according to client¨s special needs.

Plastic injection molding is our expertise and core business activity. Over the past years, Shengguang has not only accumulated the knowledge of conventional molding, but also gas-assist molding, structure foam molding .