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¡¾Warehouse¡¿   ¡¾Tooling¡¿
Shanghai Shengguang adopts the technology of plastic injection molding in its production process, and it has more than 40 years experience in plastic processing and mould fabrication , We have successfully developed many kinds of projects, including 80 kinds of the plastic components such as medical treatment equipment parts , telecommunication facility parts, office copycat parts , big parts of industry copy machines, electronic weighing apparatus parts and ornament parts of automobiles.
We are one of the main suppliers of multinational corporation, such as MOTOROLA , GE , ITT , Fuji Xerox, .Drager, Thermo scientific¡­¡­
¡¾Injection molding¡¿ ¡¾Assembly¡¿


20 injection machines in Shanghai workshop and 20 injection machines in Ningbo workshop ,from 60T to 2400T£¬60g to 15000g£¬the gas-assisted equipment is imported from Germany£¬has CMM and other physical and chemical test machines.