Quality assurance  

The main function of the Quality Department:

The main function of the Quality Department is to monitor in process tooling, molding and assembly operations. The Quality Group also collects and prepares product validation data per customer specifications. This data may encompass:

First Article Layout And Inspection

Product Testing

Capability Studies Using Statistical Process Control Data

Other Responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Group Include:

Develop Product Specific Quality Plans.

Training Of Production And Assembly Personnel.

Conduct Supplier Quality Assessments.

Maintain Calibration System.

Audit Purchased Material. Conduct Internal Systems Audits (Supplemented By Independent External Audit)

Investigate And Resolve Product And System Corrective Actions .


We have passed through the audit of ISO14000:2004 and OHSAS18000 in the July of 2006.
, Environment policy
Environment protection at every turn and by every staff .
, Health and Safety policy
Attach importance to health and ensure safety .
We also passed through the audit of ISO9001:2000 QMS in July 2006.
, Quality policy
Customer is most important ;
Quality is the first;
Honor our promise;
Keep continuous improvement.