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Shanghai Shengguang Technology Co., Ltd. was originally the 1104 Factory of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (established in 1957). In February 2006, with the reform of the property rights system, it became a joint-stock private science and technology enterprise integrating scientificresearch and manufacturing.
Customer first, satisfactory service is our behavior guide; Continuous improvement and exceeding expectations are our value orientation. In recent years, the company has won the honor of Shanghai High-tech Enterprise, Shanghai Innovative enterprise, Shanghai small giant enterprise, Shanghai contract-honoring enterprise, enterprise credit rating AAA enterprise, Shanghai harmonious labor relations standard enterprise and so on.


Analysis of the demand trend of China's plastic mold industry

Analyze the demand prospects and trends of China's plastic mold industry. Firstly, analyze the influencing factors. Secondly, analyze the economic environment. With the continuous optimization of economic structure, adjustment of domestic consumption structure, improvement of people's living standards, and improvement of policy environment, the demand for plastic mold products will increase, thereby promoting the movement and growth of the entire mold industry. In addition, national policies in various industries are closely related, especially the direction and policies for developing the real economy, which will become an important reference for the demand of the plastic mold industry. Therefore, paying attention to the country's economic environment and policy changes is also crucial for predicting the demand of the plastic mold industry. 2. Technology